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Masculine Energy – A Man’s Gift To The World

Every day we see media about how bad men are. The movies portray us as bumbling dufusses, dad’s that embarrass the family or murdering rapist. Commercials have us as weak and stupid and a small, but extremely loud subset of society I call “toxic feminist” point at masculinity (more…)

How to kill the nice guy, people pleasing, approval seeking behaviour

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It is a pleasure to be able to connect with you. I feel your content is not only one of the most genuine, but there is realness to your advice that only comes from true experience, and you have that. (more…)

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There is one key to all of life's success - Pain. (more…)

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There are huge numbers of male enhancement supplements and products which are made available in the market today. Unfortunately, because of the huge number (more…)

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How to kill the nice guy, people pleasing, approval seeking behaviour

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How to kill the nice guy, people pleasing, approval seeking behaviour

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Nothing compares to shooting the Savage 110 BA chambered in the .338 Lapua Mag. I absolutely loved the lines of the gun, and after researching different shooting platforms, I believed the Savage 110 BA offered the best (more…)

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