10 Excuses You Need To Stop Making Immediately

Making excuses is one of the things that hinder us from attaining greatness and achieving our goals in life. And these always lead to failure and frustration in life. Despite the vast opportunities around us, we always pleasure in some self-destructive behaviors and chiefly among these is postponing our tasks and leaving them until they pile up to the point that we can no longer manage them or a level in which we cannot do anything about it.

And when we experience failure, we easily shift it over to excuse, which is always our scapegoat. One thing is sure, if we can do away with this behavior of always finding excuses and get committed to what we need to do, we will surely achieve purposeful greatness. Below are some of the common excuses we normally give which we need to avoid if we must be successful in life:

1. I will get to it later

This is a situation where you always postpone the tasks at hand believing that you will attend to it some other time. And in most times, you run out of time whenever you finally decide to do before there is no enough time to accomplish the task anymore. Sometimes, you may even continue postponing it till you can no longer handle it. This behavior is one of your enemies to be successful in life. It is something you need to stop immediately.

2. I do not have time right now

It is a terrible mistake to always let go of opportunities. When a golden opportunity presents itself, be flexible enough to adjust yourself in such a way to accommodate it because such opportunity might not come again. Don’t be too busy to create time for an important task that you enjoy. One thing is certain; you have all the time in the world to do all what you need to do.

3. Someone else will do it

This is pure laziness and the only place it always leads is failure. Leaving a task you can do undone or shifting it to someone else who is will never get it done is a life style that will get you nowhere in life. Why can’t you just go ahead and do it since you are capable of doing it instead of waiting for someone that will not get it done to your taste.

5. It is not my fault

One of the vital steps to greatness in life is accepting your faults and taking responsibility for your poor decisions. In a situation where you always play the blame game and start pointing accusing fingers to others will not make us learn from the mistake thereby doing the same mistake over and over again. With this, no progress in life.

6. It is too hard

We are all endowed with great potentials and skills in life but the commitment we put into our tasks is what differentiates the achievers from the failures. Underestimating your God-given skills is an act that will not do you any good than to destroy you.

7. Now is not the right time

With this, you will never have the time to do what you need to do. Get out of your comfort zone and start what you need to do with the resources at your disposal. Remember that time lost can never be regained.

8. I have no luck

To make it in life you don’t need to wait for luck. Luck in life is just 50% but with hard work and self-discipline, you can shape out your future.

9. I’m too scared

Future belongs to the bold and the strong. Never allow fear to prevent you from trying new things as you never know where it will take you to. This might just be your pathway to success in life.

10. There is no reason to try anything else; I am comfortable where I am

Confining yourself in your comfort zone will prevent you from moving up the ladder of success. Be ambitious enough to try out things different from what you have been doing before. Those that are successful are always on the move trying out new things.

Do you want to make a huge difference in life? Then stop giving excuses and do what needed to be done. You have nothing to lose in doing this, even if you fail, your level of experience is no longer the same. Just go ahead and start it now.

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