10 Habits of Unsuccessful People

There are successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people are those people who have good jobs and keep moving up in their career, they live in houses and they go on extravagant trips anytime they like. Everything is just going their way. While the unsuccessful people are those who have not made their goals in life with no promotion or they stay on a particular job for a long time. Also, their bills are always behind and they can’t afford vacations.

What sets these people apart? Is it luck? That is not right. They only have different habits. If your aim is to be successful, do not copy these 10 habits of unsuccessful people:

1. They are excellent at wasting time.

They waste time busy on nothing. They can spend hours on social media fuming about how much better their life is. They can also watch TV for several hours or hanging out in bars at nights. Generally, just know that whatever they are doing are not just useful.

2. They love to put things off to another time.

Successful people hardly procrastinate while unsuccessful people follow this principle, “Why must I do today what I can put off till another time?” They love doing this and it affects their productivity in life.

3. They easily give up when the going gets tough.

Whenever successful people see failure, they see it as a stepping stones to success but unsuccessful people it as a good reason to stop trying. They are excited to start a new project but when they start to encounter little problem on it, they leave it and try to look for something new. This cycle will keep repeating itself over and over again.

4. They do things before thinking about it.

They are too impulsive in nature. For example, if they see a Prada worth $5,000 or anything they did not plan for, they easily pay for it using their credit cards. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions, they may engage in unsafe sex and also take part in some criminal activities which may affect them later in life.

5. They prefer the easiest route in doing things.

While successful people choose the more difficult road with the highest potential for rewards in everything they do in life, the unsuccessful people do otherwise. They like the easiest way that does not require any sacrifice or work on their part. And most of the times, they get minimal rewards on this path.

6. They always blame others for their predicaments.

This is very common with the unsuccessful people; they see their boss, parents or siblings as the cause of their predicament in life. All they need to do is to accept they are the cause and make changes but they will rather blame others.

7. They don’t like change.

Change is never in their dictionary, they hate it, and they don’t want to embrace it at all. Whatever will take them out of their comfort zone, they try as much as possible to avoid it. They don’t mind staying on a dead end job forever simply because they don’t want change. They refuse to keep up with changing technology because they believe it is too complicated.

8. They like hanging out with other unsuccessful people.

According to a saying in the South, “If you hang out with dogs, you are going to get fleas.” The same goes for these people here. They choose other unsuccessful people as their close allies and with this they cannot be better because they kept learning more unsuccessful habits from one another.

9. They see negativity as a way of life.

Unsuccessful people will always find a problem in every situation in life. When the sun is shining they complain it is too hot. They complain even when it rains. Hardly will they not complain about anything, they find fault in all things.

10. They talk about good plans, but they will never follow through.

You will always find an unsuccessful person talking in great details about the excellent idea he has for a new product, restaurant or store but in many cases, that is all they do. Talk is cheap. Even when those plans they have can transform their fortune in life, they don’t see the need to put those plans into action. It is either they run into a problem or simply lose interest in it.
At this point you need to be honest with yourself by correctly answering this question, “How many of these habits do I have?”

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