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5 Daily Brain Hacks That Keep You Sharp

While you were still young, you answered questions from your teachers, you studied and aimed to get excellent results. All these helped in improving your brainpower. But with time, your brain cease to be as sharp as it was. Once your ability to make decisions is reducing and you are becoming absent minded, you need to bring back your brainpower. For your brain to be active, it needs a lot of exercise. Do not make it idle else it will dull and lazy. Also, you need to give it the right food. Let us consider five things that can make your brain active.

1. Take your brain for a morning walk

Light is something that is very important in human lives. It helps you to active and cheerful. During dark periods, our brain and general body become lazy and dull but when exposed to the light, is the other way round. Your body regulation is dependent on the Circadian rhythm, which is what is responsible for your sleep cycle, thereby keeping you alert and active throughout the day. The best light to wake your brain up in the morning is the blue light in which its best source is from the sunlight. So it will do you a lot of good to always take a brisk walk for about 30 minutes after you wake up every morning.

2. Keep it dark at night

Your brain and body as a whole need sound rest at night and lack of this can result in fatigue. It is important to give your brain the rest it deserves every night. To do this, stay away from any blue light before going to bed. When the brain is exposed to blue light at night, it suppresses Melatonin needed in your brain for sound and peaceful night sleep. Also avoid bright screens such as TV, laptop, mobile screen before going to sleep. And if you must use it, try and put it in the night-mode or reduce the screen brightness. It is better to read from a book before going off to sleep.

3. A hungry brain is sometimes good

It is healthy for your brain to skip meals sometimes as this burns fat and makes your brain stronger against stress. It also helps your brain to get rid of old cells thereby giving rooms for newer and more active cells. But do not let your brain and body become too hungry as this can prevent you from concentrating on what you are doing. Taking light dinners can really help you to wake up much earlier as you tend be hungry the following morning.

4. Clean your brain with activated Charcoal

We easily get in contact with a lot of toxic substances on a daily basis. These range from colors and chemicals in the foods and drinks we take to the pollution present around us and also the chemicals in some of the products we use. All these impact our brains negatively and we therefore need to get rid of them. One sure way of doing this is to take activated charcoal. This is an old-age method and very good at absorbing all the toxic substances from your body. You can consume it to clean up your digestive system. It is available in any health food stores around.

5. Try out new things to keep your brain active always

Do everything possible not to make your brain bored, always keep it active when there is need to do that. You know how you feel on days you have absolutely nothing to do. Try and develop some hobbies and start doing them at these periods, it could just be playing a game, reading, cooking or an adventure sports. Just try out activities that require that you make use of your brain.

So, what are you supposed to do?

Try as much as possible to invest in your brain. Things like word games, puzzles, and Sudoku can really make your brain work actively. Also, a lot of brain-training games are available to keep your brain active. Look for a way to put out your thoughts, it could be as simple as writing out your thoughts on a paper or even something more creative like putting your thoughts in the form of arts. The key thing is to make sure you keep yourself busy with a lot of things so that your brain does not experience unnecessarily boredom. One thing is certain, a busy brain is a quick learner and can easily pick up things.

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