7 Things You Should Master As A Man

Master Your Emotions

Emotions are very powerful. If you didn’t know, emotions dominate the decisions most people make – not logic or reason. From this truth, we have to basic concepts for life as a man:

1) Whomever you can get to react emotionally you can manipulate or influence control over.

2) Whomever can get you to react emotionally can manipulate or influence control over you.

As a man you will face many, many decisions in your life. Research has shown the average person makes an emotional decision, and then justifies it with a form of rationale. In my life, a few charged emotional vs logic decisions have really stood out.

  • You are going to want to sleep with the hot girl that also has the boyfriend out on parole for murder.
  • You are going to want to buy the sports car that cost more than your house.
  • You will be faced with the charms of many women all looking for you to buy, help or give them something.
  • You will have many investment opportunities – of both time and money.
  • Many male and female friends will try to use guilt, shame, group humor or some other negative emotion to influence you into doing something they themselves would likely not do…

You’re not chicken are you?

Frequently we are bombarded with a huge influx of subliminal and direct emotional messages all intended to make us controllable. If you can start identifying these, hold back on the decision and apply logic you can not only make better decisions, you will be seen as more of a leader and a more masculine man.

Master Your Personal Finances

Of everything on my list, this has been the hardest for me. I have been a millionaire and bankrupt. I have earned over $1 million in a year, and I have barely cleared $30K. I have racketed up huge debts, and I have been debt free.

I am a risk taker, and as such, I have ventured into many business opportunities – either as an owner or a partner. But rather than just risking “investment” money, I have staked everything I owned. Not the smartest thing to do.

If you really want a comfortable life, you have to master your finances. You don’t need to make $1 million a year to be a millionaire. Actually, if you invest just $50 bucks a week (one date worth of funds) into a long term bond with a yield of 5%, you will easily be a millionaire when you retire.

Regardless of your overall goals, you always need a backup plan and to manage your risk. If you can make logical, non-emotional decisions you will find you buy less “Crap” that is not needed and will tend to buy more assets and investments. You will also manage your budget better and have a more positive cash flow each month.

Master Basic Repair & Problem Solving

I am a mechanical engineer by education, but I have always loved taking apart mechanical devices. I have loved creating my own. I have been involved with 5 patents of things I either invented, or was on a team that invented.

In business, the ability to solve problems creatively is where the money is at. The owner will make big bucks because he figures out systems to leverage his resources to earn a large return. Sometimes that can be as simply as figuring out how he needs to order his goods to keep his cost down to something much more elaborate.

In my past manufacturing business I figured out how to automate 17 injection molding lines. Raw materials were loaded thru the night, finished product removed by a system of robots, conveyors, and accumulators where operators could package the product during the day.

Factories that use to have 3 shifts of managers and people working could now operate with one shift of day staff.

Day staff is cheaper and easier to manage, not to mention I was able to pay day staff better to get great employees and still reduce my total staff and expense by 60%+. These systems evolved over a 5 year period and helped me become a millionaire before I was 30.

In every single 6 figure role I have been in, as either an executive, owner, or technical consultant, my job has been to solve problems. At its basic level, to increase profit margins. Having the knowledge on how to fix, tinker, repair or create many systems has allowed me to be very successful, and is an area every man should master.

Master Cooking & Nutrition

During my journey of fitness and then recovering from my spine injury, I have learned just how valuable this skill is. By learning a few techniques, I have not only been able to make some fantastic, healthy and impressive meals, I have also been able to do it cheaper than the average crap Fast Food meal.

Many diseases of today are simply caused, treated or reversed by the nutrition we eat. A very easy example is “scurvy”, a disease that is seen as fatigue, spots on the skin, spongy gums, loss of teeth, fever neuropathy and death. All of this from simply not eating enough vitamin C. I have read some reports that say over half of the population is deficient in basic nutrients like Vitamin C for maintaining an average health level.

By learning some basic cooking and nutritional facts, you will begin to modify your natural eating habits to maximize health, energy and stamina, all of which help you in everyday life.

I will also let you in on a little secret. If you cut out processed foods from your life – no more premade, prepackaged foods, and only eat fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and lean protein, you will never have a fat problem. You can eat as much natural food as you want, and you will never trigger that “store fat” hormone. But if you throw in chips, soda and other junk, you will.

Master How To Defend Yourself

I was an amateur boxer, and have won some tournaments. I practiced fencing for years, and studied a few martial arts. I am extremely trained with firearms, and I know the ballistics data of any rifle I own out to 1000 yards.

Thru my life a few situations have popped up that made these skills life savers. Most notably from the way I carry myself. I am only 5’9 so my size alone wasn’t going to deter the average man, however, just having some of the training I had did impact my confidence, and how I judged the risk around me. It also impacts how people judge you.

Whether it is fair or not, thugs, thieves and violent criminals go after the easiest target. As people, we can just feel the expected battle of those we deal with. Even in business, the man that carries himself like he confidently knows what to do in any situation is going to put up with a lot less crap than the man that doesn’t.

A few years ago, I went to Ferguson, MO to help my parents with a rental house. Ferguson is where the BLM movement and riots started after the strong arm robber Michael Brown was gunned down for trying to take a cops gun. On this particular day I was wearing cowboy boots, jeans and a work shirt when we pulled up in front of the rental house. Just down from the house was a group of men watching us.
As we carried in our work supplies the men left the porch and headed towards us. I can’t read minds, but they didn’t walk in a friendly, let’s go help those people. It looked more like I was about to be attacked. Their body language was one of menace, and as they moved to us it was obvious they were checking for witnesses.

I calmly walked to my truck and strapped on my .44 Magnum pistol and holster. As I finished I just turned and looked at them.

I made no menacing movements, nor did I draw a weapon, taunt them or do anything the escalate the situation. In that one moment though, I went from being seen as the easy, alone, out of the neighborhood victim to the “not worth the cost” potential target. They stopped, chatted amongst themselves and then left.

Situational awareness from all my previous training, plus the good sense to have a legal right to carry, kept me from harm’s way. I would rather never fight or be in a violent conflict, and the easiest way to avoid these types of situations is to be ready for them.

Master History

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Much of our history has been watered down, sugar coated by the politically correct police or otherwise changed by the victors. The more I have studied history (and I mean the most in depth research I could find… not this, a NY Times, Jezebel or BuzzFeed article) the more life makes sense. It has helped me understand business & political conflicts as well as the actual relationship between the sexes.

A recent bit of history I read was about Ulrich von Liechtenstein. Yes, there was a real knight that the “A Knight’s Tale” movie was based on. More about his love life than his jousting conquest, though both are very loosely portrayed in the film. This young knight spent his youth jousting in tournaments to win and impress a young maiden that didn’t know he even existed.

This 13th century knight undergoes a type of plastic surgery to correct a cleft lip for her. He showers her with gifts, and even joust dressed in full armor with a dress to be disguised in honor of love. He offered a gold ring to any knight that can break a lance on him, and many knights try to prove their love to their own maidens by winning this ring.

At one point the fair lady says she will sleep with him if he climbs a bed sheet up to her – only to drop it, and him, when he was halfway up. He even goes so far as to cut off a finger to gain sympathy from her. As it is “healing” she accuses him of lying so he re-cuts off the finger and sends it to her.

Anyway, it is a great story. And serves as a reminder to the nature of people and the completely misinformed, bone-headed and Beta things I have done to win a woman. If you learn history with an open mind, you can see the real ways people deal with each other have been around for decades.

We have always had tyrants, war lords, sleazy politicians and yes, even Beta men chasing girls that encouraged his suffering for their own evil amusement. By learning history you can gain insight into what people have done to better their life and deal with situations. If you learn their lessons, you won’t have to make as many mistakes on your own.

Master Your Ability With Women

I have an entire site dedicated to mastering Alpha traits and dealing with women. As I have mastered these relationship dynamics, everything in my life has gotten easier. Business, finances, stress, assets, literally everything has gotten easier.

If you are interested in learning more about women, may I suggest you start with my Alpha Laws. A few might surprise you.

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He currently offers training and practical advice for attracting women at Politically Incorrect Publications.

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