9 Signs That Show You Are In A Dead End Job

It is possible you already know that you are in a dead end job, but you refuse to admit it even when people tell you. And for the fact that you fail to admit this fact, you will probably do nothing about it. And it also possible that you are among the group who sincerely do not know that the job they do day in day out is taking them nowhere in life. But regardless of the group you consider yourself to be, you need to face the facts head on. Reading through the following nine signs that shows that a person is stuck in a dead end job you will surely know where you are based on your current position. If you are eventually identified with any of these, then you should know that it is time you take the necessary steps to make a change.

Sign 1 – If you have been holding the same position for a very long time and you can’t see any better change coming so soon.

To be sincere, in a situation where you have been in the same position and status has not changed in the last three years or more. No change in any form in title, responsibilities or pay, it will do you a lot of good to accept the fact that your job is taking you nowhere in your career.

Sign 2 – If motivation and enthusiasm are not part of your vocabularies at work.

In a situation where you have to sluggishly get yourself out of bed every single morning and force yourself to work, then you should there is a problem. It is an indication that your job offers no new opportunities and challenges. And a job that never tests your abilities, nor gives you the opportunity to learn is surely a dead end job.

Sign 3 – When your company constantly hires outsiders instead of promoting from within.

In a situation where your company keeps hiring an outsider for a higher position you qualify to fill, it is very possible that this trend will continue indefinitely, it is time to face the fact that there is no future in the job.

Sign 4 – If your best ideas are always rejected or put on the backburner.

Do you have times you have approached your colleagues or supervisor with an idea and you were rejected without a genuine reason? In a situation where your ideas are constantly ignored, it is just a sign that your input is no longer valued and with this, you are going nowhere on that job.

Sign 5 – If your management has no interest in learning about your goals.

When your management team takes time to know what you want on the job as well as where you want to see yourself in few years, it shows they value your goals. Such people are likely to help you in achieving them. But, if they are not showing interest in your goals, it means that don’t care about your career progress, just know that you are at a dead end.

Sign 6 – If you truly hate your job.

If you dislike your job so much that you are always unhappy every morning while going to work, it is just a sign that you are unmotivated, bored or burnt-out with. It is even possible that your superiors are aware of this and are using it against you from moving ahead.

Sign 7 – If the higher ups in your company play favorites and you are NOT among them.

If you happen not to be on the management’s good side, and then just know it will be very hard to move up the corporate ladder in the company.

Sign 8 – If your duties at work are mundane and seriously less than what you deserve for your education, training or skills.

If your education, training and skills are very impressive but your current job involves answering phone calls, filing paperwork or any other thing that even a monkey could do if properly trained, know that you are working in a dead end position.

Sign 9 – If the industry you are working with is dying out.

If it is possible for your entire industry to phase out easily in the next few years or in the next ten years, kindly know that your current will take you nowhere on your career ladder except downhill.

You have read all these, now, you just need to be honest with yourself. Are you in a dead end job? Answer it correctly and take the next step towards a rewarding career.

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