How To Enter A Room With Great Confidence

In a situation where you are entering a room for a presentation, an interview or any other purpose, you must expect all eyes to be on you. People are curious to see the way you carry yourself. The first impression is created when you enter the room and this really matters as it impacts the future relationships. Assuming you are meeting your in-laws to-be for the very first time, your online lover or a new client, the way and manner you present yourself at that particular point in time will really tell a lot about you. This type of non-verbal communication is very important. So how can you make sure you are with great confidence while walking into that room and give a great impression about yourself? Below are some tips you can use.

You need to first prepare yourself ahead. Start by getting all the details of the program like what time it will start, the dress code and the exact location of the program. Rushing down to an event because you are not fully aware of this vital information can really affect you and it can lead to frustrations. How would you feel if walking into a party, everyone is dressed in suits while you were putting on a t-shirt? This would greatly affect your confidence. These are just parts of the reasons to prepare yourself.

Now that you have gotten all the details, you need to settle your mind on what to put on and what to take along with you, leaving all these till last minute can lead to disappointment. Practice how you will walk into the room and how you will position your body. Doing this will make people perceive you as such as well as filling you with great confidence.

In a situation where nervousness is setting in, try to distract your mind and occupy it with something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking like singing as you drive or calling a friend who makes you laugh. This simple act will reset your emotional state which in turn reduces your nervousness.

When the time come to walk inside the room, do so with a sense of purpose. It affords you the opportunity to quickly survey the room and also make you look like a person who knows what he or she is doing. Try to walk with certainty and conviction. You need to put on a big smile on your face and have eyes contact with the people in the room. With your facial expression, which is a non-verbal signal, people can easily size you up to figure out your intent. Be on your game right from the moment you enter that room. Position your body in using the right posture, straighten it. This will help your confident greatly. Also, lifting your chin slightly could do you some good.

Walk with every sign of seriousness and remember to also lengthen your strides. Walking silently and slowly will only make you look timid and pre-occupied with your own fear. There is another mistake some people always make; they look down during an uncomfortable situation. May be you are walking into a room where everybody looks like a stranger, keep your head up high no matter how uncomfortable you might be otherwise you will look just nervous and scared.

And when finally the time comes to talk, make sure you gesticulate with it. It will help you to avoid using some terms like “ummm” it makes you look unsure of yourself and takes away your confidence. Do everything possible to gesticulate, don’t pocket your hands as you speak, Keep them free. You can even ask questions, it will help you a great deal in showcasing your confidence to the audience.

When you walk in that room as you speak, it is all about confidence. Walking confidently is a major way to create a wonderful and lasting first impression about yourself or a way of demonstrating your confidence when you have not said anything. As it is popularly said, “body language is worth a thousand words” because just at a glance most people say the type of personality you are.

On a final note, following these few tips will boost your confidence and with little practice you can learn how to show your confidence through body languages, doing this, you appear much more confident, ready and capable for any program or event in the public thereby opening you to great opportunities.

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