Masculine Energy – A Man’s Gift To The World

Every day we see media about how bad men are. The movies portray us as bumbling dufusses, dad’s that embarrass the family or murdering rapist. Commercials have us as weak and stupid and a small, but extremely loud subset of society I call “toxic feminist” point at masculinity and say in no uncertain terms, “Masculinity is the root of all the evil and the problems of the world!”

This is, of course, complete bullshit. As a young man I bought into these little lies. They are so prevalent and in every fabric of our feminist societies that I had no idea what it was to be a man, or even how my nature was a positive force in the world. All of the media I grew up with had a sensitive, nice, sweet guy pursuing the girl of his dreams till she finally dumped the macho guy and ran away with him, the nice guy. Everything I was taught was to be this sensitive, compassionate nice man, and that is what I was.

There is one MAJOR problem with this though… these traits alone are not attractive to women.

You see, when a woman, even a feminist that rails against masculinity, encounters a nice, sensitive and compassionate man without a large amount of masculine foundational energy, they are repelled. I know they say they aren’t, and I truly believe they don’t want to be, but deep down in their biological being a woman is repelled by these traits if they are not carefully layered on a masculine core.

What is Masculine?

Here is how I view masculine energy – not macho bravado, but actual masculine energy that attracts people and helps build a better world.

Masculine energy is all about powerful energy and a rock stable centered core. It is about solving problems and succeeding at challenges. It is about having a purpose, the drive to move towards that purpose, setting objectives and completing the mission. This energy is the energy that dares great challenges and overcomes all obstacles.

As in life, anything good taken to extremes can become a negative. While masculine energy is dominant, it is not dominating. While a masculine man must learn complete emotional control to have that rock stable centered core, he does not try to control others. Masculine leads rather than forces. Masculine men love the challenge and competing, but they don’t need to prove their ability to win or lord over others. It is an inner energy that translates into building, bettering and creating a safe environment.

What person is not attracted to that?

Recently, I see more and more articles like this one indoctrinating men into a feminine role.

“These expectations influence the decisions men make about friendships; spending time outside of class; careers or academic majors; and sexual and romantic relationships. Men are socialized to believe they need to act a certain way to be accepted as ‘masculine’ or have what it takes to be a man,” she told The Fix.

“This can lead to self-destructive behaviors that impair their ability to complete their education,” she continued. “Research indicates that young men are less likely to enroll in and graduate from college, less likely to seek help from campus resources and more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as abusing drugs and alcohol. Research also indicates that programs such as the Men’s Project can counter these negative trends and support college men in their educational experience.”

These misguided attempts by both males and females are based on a false belief that masculine energy is damaging. It is not. Women are just as violent as men, they just happen to be more devious at employing this violence since they lack the physical violence.

Men do tend to engage in riskier behavior than women – from a purely physical nature. As kids, without any influence from the outside, we play fight, pop more wheelies, climb more trees and tend to take more physical damage. These can be seen as self-destructive behaviors, but they are also confident building behaviors as the young man pushes his limits and learns to master his surroundings.

Women, being more feminine in their biological core, tend to be more focused on bonding. It is energy about connecting, creating, love and receiving. They tend to feel more emotional feelings, and they tend to take more emotional pain. That is one reason most girls have a much better emotional center than men, and why they can become so hurt from words or simple misguided actions.

When a masculine man radiates his unshakable and positive energy with the women in his life they feel safer. They feel freer. They will then take the initiative to build emotional connections that bring the best out of men. Yes, the masculine man brings out the best of feminine women, and feminine women bring out the best of masculine men – this is ying and yang at its core. In my humble opinion, a woman who truly embraces her feminine nature is actually a very powerful person, as she can spur men into building better lives for family and the community as a whole.

Why Is Masculine Energy Important

Speaking from a man’s point of view, without a healthy dose of this energy, you will have a hard life. Other men will not want to be around you, and women will shun you. All of the most endearing, moving and spiritually awakening stories of the entire history of our planet – the ones both men and women are inspired by – revolve around a truly masculine man and a feminine woman. Those are the stories of great love and great success.

As a man, it is your very essence to learn how to amp your masculine energy. Masculine energy grows through challenges and helps you become a very powerful and emotionally controlled person. A calm person that just knows they can handle anything that life throws at them. You must become the rock that others can look to for comfort and safety. And do you know how girls describe this in men? It is the single biggest trait girls say they want in a man.


A masculine man that is confident is what every single romance novel that women love is based on. He is not try hard, nor does he beat, use or take his women. He is focused on his mission, his purpose, and he is achieving this mission. The feminine role will chase him, seduce him, and become a compliment in his life. His powerful energy is not about controlling her, it is about unleashing her.

As a man, without masculine energy:
You are less likely to be accepted in a group.
You are less likely to marry or have sex.
You are less likely to lead a happy and fulfilling life.
You are less likely to achieve anything significant or make your world a better place.

Everything in life can be boiled down to the energy you bring to the interaction. Anything positive about masculine energy could be portrayed as both good or bad, depending on the energy behind the interaction.

I can tell a woman, “You are amazing, a goddess and I desire you.” – If my energy is of need, like saying it to get her to like me or to bribe her to have sex, I am creating an energy that is repulsive to her.

If, however, I say this from a place of genuine strength, because I see it, feel it, and want to build her up, my energy is very masculine and will be received very positively. It will make her feel better, and I have made the world a better place.

Saying it one way is with strong masculine energy, saying it the other way is with needy energy.

Not too long ago I was out with my girl and we went into a 7-Eleven. Behind the counter was a college age woman and man. We happen to live just outside of a very liberal college town that is just teaming with short, green haired feminist that say they rebel against masculinity.

While we were talking I told the girl, “You are very attractive, but I just don’t think the hair (green & short) suits you.”

She asked, “why not?”

I replied, “Because if I were ravishing you there would not be enough for me to grab.”

She blushed, smiled and nearly melted right in front of me.

The man looked at us in disbelief and said, “I can’t believe you, if I said that, you would hit me.”

Without even looking at him she said, “You aren’t him.”

Any woman reading this without feeling the energy behind the conversation might say I was too bold, brash and sexual. That I was being a jerk or abusing her. Any girl that has felt that powerful masculine energy and heard these words knows exactly what I am describing.

“John Mason: [while on the stairs leading to the prison morgue] Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Stanley Goodspeed: I’ll do my best.

John Mason: Your “best”! Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

Stanley Goodspeed: Carla was the prom queen.

John Mason: Really?

“Stanley Goodspeed: [cocks his gun] Yeah.

The Rock – 1996

Your masculine energy is a gift to the world. It can be used to build great cities, amazing art, lasting families and change people’s lives for the better. It can save lives and repair the damage less caring people have caused. You should embrace your masculine energy with every fiber of your being and you should spend the rest of your life becoming the most masculine man you can.

Learn to love women in a way where they always feel free and that it is their choice to be with you while building a magnificent and powerful masculine core and anything in the world is yours.


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AlphaX is a C level executive and unconventional philanderer who specializes in self development, human behavior, and seduction. He has been a writer for Askmen.com, SoSauve.com, ReturnOfKings.com as well as having been interviewed for Double Your Dating Interview Series by David DeAngelo, on the Advanced Dating Techniques DVD as well as the Cliff’s List DVD series.

He currently offers training and practical advice for attracting women at Politically Incorrect Publications.

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