27 Hilarious and Accidentally Dirty Vintage Advertisements

You know how sometimes it’s easy to feel like our societies’ collective morality has completely gone down the drain? Just browse through a catalog or glance up at a billboard and you will find a gorgeous person selling something, most likely seductively while in a state of partial undress. The truth is sex sells in our culture, even when it comes to basic household goods. But has it always been that way? Read more

75 Awkward and Hilarious Wedding Photos

For most couples, the wedding day is one of the most important memories they will have. It’s a meticulously planned event that invites family and friends to come in and bask in the love and joy of the newly married couple, and usually, there are some great photos documenting the special day.

These are not those photos.

Here are 75 Awkward and Hilarious Wedding Photos that weren’t exactly planned well, went wrong, or just got downright awkward.

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27 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

Everyone knows which country has the hottest girls, right? With 195 countries in the world, the discussion about which country has the most beautiful women is a common one for any traveling man. The age old adage, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” reminds us that beauty is not nearly as relative and what one person might say. An hour glass figure with long hair is an hour glass figure with long hair – no matter where you end up. Read more

67 Moments Just Before Disaster Struck

On August 15, 1998, a car bombing took place in Omagh, Northern Ireland. It was carried out by the Real IRA and resulted in the deaths of 29 people, while further injuring over 200. The bombing took place during “the Troubles,” an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland that lasted for over 30 years. The Omagh car bombing had the highest death toll of any incident during “the Troubles.”

The camera containing this picture was found buried beneath the rubble, boasting this snapshot of a quiet street moments before the impact of the bomb. One of the more poignant pictures published in the aftermath of the Omagh bombing, this image is now infamous. The serenity, the smiles, the unknown threat—it all makes for a truly harrowing image. One that inadvertently foreshadows a massacre, unbeknownst to the people in this snapshot frozen in time. Read more