AlphaX is a C level executive and unconventional philanderer who specializes in self development, human behavior, and seduction. He has been a writer for,, as well as having been interviewed for Double Your Dating Interview Series by David DeAngelo, on the Advanced Dating Techniques DVD as well as the Cliff’s List DVD series.

He currently offers training and practical advice for attracting women at Politically Incorrect Publications.

27 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

Everyone knows which country has the hottest girls, right? With 195 countries in the world, the discussion about which country has the most beautiful women is a common one for any traveling man. The age old adage, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” reminds us that beauty is not nearly as relative and what one person might say. An hour glass figure with long hair is an hour glass figure with long hair – no matter where you end up. Read more

7 Tips For Dating Multiple Women

When I first started learning the psychology behind attraction, I never really thought a man could date multiple women without keeping it a secret from the women. I truly believed you had to “sneak” or lie about the other women. Read more