Natural Hacks Fix A Broken Sleep Schedule

Ever found yourself in nights in which you have to stay awake endlessly? Perhaps your work doesn’t start until late afternoon and you are now used to a schedule of having to sleep early in the morning like 4 am and probably wakes up at 12 in the afternoon, and when the timing finally changed to having to sleep at nights to get up in the morning, you started struggling with it because your body was not ready to press the reset button. I can feel what you are going through on a daily basis if any of these relates with you. And whatever the case may be, switching sleeping periods in between morning-afternoon-night does not come easy in any way because your body is used to sleeping at nights and ready for activities in the morning. To make a leap start to this and start waking up early enough without any stress, you will need a solid plan, discipline as well as some basic psychological tricks. Keep reading this article to know few steps you can put into practice to see those blissfully and serene morning hours once again.

Step 1: Associate Your Waking Up With Good Feelings

That is the best thing you can do for yourself if you need to kick start your day on time. You probably hate the sound of your alarm once it starts every morning, most times, you want to sleep more to continue with your lovely dreams. More often than not you will be tapping the snooze button out of venomous spite so as to continue sleeping. You might even hate the sound or the tone of the alarm. Why can’t you try to make use of one of the many applications on your phone which play your favorite songs in place of the alarm? When you are jamming half-consciously to your favorite groove, starting your day on time will not be an issue.

Step 2: You Need to Get Moving ASAP

The first step above works faster and better when attached with brighter incentives to leave your bed’s safe haven. For the starters, place your alarm across the room, this will force you to walk. And since you are already out of bed, throw on your pants for modesty and peek out your front door so as to enjoy the soft rays of fresh morning sunlight. Try much as possible to indulge in the therapeutic chirpings of local songbirds. After all, this is the main reason you are changing your routine. This will surely work for you.

Step 3: You Need to Plan Ahead To Stay Out of Bed

Going through these two steps above, your head-grabbing grogginess should have loosened its grip on you after all of this motion. Use this opportunity to make your bed look undesirable else you will crawl back into it. Many are of the opinion of making your bed immediately, but one thing is certain, flopping over the covers is still too much of a threat. You need to know the method that works for you.

Step 4: Reward Yourself by Sleeping Early

This is the main thing, it is the clincher. You will really find it hard to carry out the steps above if you sleep very late. Try as much as possible to get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep. In order to rise with the rooster, you need to hit the hay with the cows. Do everything possible to quit staying up late. If you can discipline yourself for two to three weeks of 11 p.m. head-on-pillow, and 7 a.m. head-off-pillow at least, you can mend your broken sleep schedule. Though you might fail sometimes but you just need to keep trying it.

And finally for this piece,

Step 5: Never Give Up on Yourself

Without resolute commitments like those we give to work or school, waking up early in the morning will be more like a burden. It is quite easy to say, “Just for today I will sleep a bit more.” And you know what? It is very easy to succumb to the sweet embrace of sleep. But never give up on yourself is that describes you. The sure path to success is paved with sheer adversity. And one thing is certain, when your efforts start to bear the fruits of good rewards in the day, you will never want to give up the benefits of a proper sleep schedule.

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