10 Hacks That Can Help You Gain Advantage In Social Situations

Most times we meet ourselves in various social situations that require we behave in certain ways. It is important you know how to conduct yourself in social situations you find yourself so as to have good interactions with others. Some people tend to be shy while some may engage in arguments with others. Below are hacks that help you to gain advantage in various social situations.

1. Focus On people’s Feet

It is not nice to interrupt people during important discussions. It is an annoying habit and can have a negative impact on your social life. But you can do so if you are welcome to the discussion. You will know with their body language, especially the feet. In a situation where they turn their feet, you can join them otherwise, stay away. This means they are in the middle of an important conversation.

2. Always Start With “I Need Your Help” When You Have An Issue

When you find yourself in a situation where you cannot carry out a task because you lack the experience to do so, be bold to ask for help. But always start by saying “I Need Your Help’’. This won’t make you any lesser. By so doing, anyone will be willingly to offer you help. No one wants to feel guilty of not helping someone who asks for help.

3. In Case You Have An Argument, Always Stand Next To The Person

In the process of communicating with someone, your discussion may turn to an argument. The person may become irritated and angry because of this. Avoid standing in front of him else you may appear like a threat to him. It is better you stand next to him. He will be calmed by this and things will go back to normalcy.

4. Give Validation

That is the nature of people generally, they like validation. Give them since they like it and you will have a nice social interaction with them. When someone says something very important, rephrase it into using your own words. The person will see you as a good listener. The person will also believe you have interest in him/her. Try this, it works perfectly.

5. For The Best Response, Talk As You Nod

Communication is a two-way process and it feels nice to get cool response from someone you are communicating with. To get positive response, it is advised you nod your head. The person will easily agree with what you are saying. Don’t be surprised, the person might nod back. This is very vital in any communication.

6. Test If A Person Is Paying Attention

You may be involved in a lengthy conversation with someone whose mind is elsewhere, it is of no good to continue. Try as much as possible to bring the person back to the discussion. To achieve this, carry out a simple test. Fold your arms to see if the person is still paying attention. When the person mimics the same, then he is still with you else you are on your own.

7. Repeat The Person’s Name In Your Conversation

Most people feel nice when they are called by their names. Some forget people’s names even after introducing it to one another. Learn to pay attention when someone introduces himself and repeat the person’s name during your conversation. This makes the person feel good and valued.

8. Focus On Emotions

When speaking to a gathering of people, focus on their emotions. People pay attention to the manner you behave rather than who you are or how you look. Try as much as possible to evoke emotions like laughter, excitement and intrigue in order to have a successful presentation.

9. Have Confidence

You need to show confidence in whatever you intend to do because knowledge alone won’t take you far. In a situation like a job interview, knowledge without confidence can mess you up. It can deny you of vital opportunity.

10. Feel Comfortable In All Social Situations

Whether you are meeting someone for the very first time or interacting with some sets of people you are just meeting, just assume you already know them. Feel comfortable in every social situation you find yourself. Configure your brain as if you already know them. It will help you to make new friends. These people will also have interest in knowing you and eventually like your person.

In conclusion, these are hacks that can help you to gain advantage in various social situations. All you need to do is to embrace them and for sure you will have an excellent social life. People will love you; you will make new friends and enjoy the maximum benefits anyone will get from interacting with other people in any social setting.

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