Where To Get A Free Education Online

Internet is very rich in terms of its available resources and it plays a relevant role in our daily lives. One of the major ways we can benefit from these resources online is in improving our knowledge since knowledge is power. We can even learn whatever we want to learn online for free. A free education is nothing you can look down on as it can give you some of the tools you need to succeed in life. Though some information you come across online do not worth going for but there are some sites where you can have the best learning experience at no cost. Below list are some of the online learning portals where you can learn like a student in any part of the world without having to millions of dollar:

  1. Alison

This site offers diploma courses in different fields and they give certificates at the completion of such courses. On Alison, you can learn the basics in various fields of study ranging from personal finance, history, currency exchange, languages, human resources and different health topics, just to mention few.

  1. 99U

99U is a website created for entrepreneurs. It has various videos created by other entrepreneurs. Resources here provide information in video forms by those with creative minds and with these handy videos, you can easily overcome various challenges you can face in the world of business.

  1. Ignite

Ignite offers various presentations lasting for only five minutes each. The site is good for those who are constrained by time and it builds confidence in public speakers. It is also a platform where anyone can share his or her wealth of knowledge on any topic.

  1. Wikiversity

Wikiversity, just like Wikipedia, provides a wealth of information for those in need of such. Wikiversity has over 22,000 resources for learning which is constantly growing and there is great value as to what this website can offer you no matter your level of education. It is an open source, just like Wikipedia, which allow editing or you can add to it and some of the courses there include Basic Chemistry, Linux Administration, Filmmaking and Homelessness. These are just few among what you can learn on this site.

  1. Open Culture

Open Culture is based on WordPress and seemingly has an unending supply of articles. Also has free music, downloadable courses and a lot of resources for students in K-12 and beyond. You also get e-books, movies, lectures notes, business courses and even free textbooks here.

  1. Project Gutenberg

This site has some historical documents, books with expired copyrights and with it you can freely gain access to any e-book in the public domain. Over 50,000 e-books are available on Project Gutenberg and some of these are contemporary works. You can read these e-books online or download them for later use with no cost but you can donate money to the site if you wish.

  1. TED Talks

TED Talks has a vast selection of various videos from experts in different fields who offer informational talks on a various topics. On this site, you can get videos on public speaking, procrastination, mixing medications and many more. Information here now come in more than 100 languages and which serve as a mix of technology, entertainment and design covering a wide range of ideas.

  1. Coursera

This handy website gives you access to the world’s best learning courses without paying anything. At Coursera, you can learn some courses at Stanford, Johns Hopkins and other best colleges in the world. Top courses here include courses for Web Developers, Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy, Introduction to Classical Music and so on. For those interested in smaller projects, you can easily learn some things like designing a website in a weekend and you will also have to take quizzes in order to pass those courses.

  1. Open Education Database

It has a collection of 10,000 free courses from colleges all over the world and you can search topic by topic to get information from their free online courses. No matter your level, there is something you will learn on this site.

  1. The Free Library

This website contains millions of articles, some are classic literary works and collections of famous quotes starting from 1984. The Free Library is very useful because you can rearrange the website’s information to suit your needs.

On a final note, no matter the site you use, always take your educational needs to anywhere you can get them. The knowledge you get will never go out of style, it will always be useful in your present or future employment as well as your personal hobbies and development.

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